DreamBox Order Overview

1. Design & submit order ⚛️

Design your ultimate toy, plushie, or jewelry in AI, then submit your order in the form above ☝️.

2. We translate & fabricate 🦾

Once your order is submitted, we inspect it, then begin conversion & fabrication.

3. Item is shipped to you! 💜

Look outside your door. It's there! Enjoy your IRL item, & don't forget to send us pictures :)

Designing Your Product (Step-by-Step):

We highly encourage the use of MidJourney because it’s high-level realism. Join our Discord Community to design your product with help from our community!

Text Instructions:

  1. Decide the type of product you would like to create (Jewelry, Plushie, Figurine, etc.)
  2. If you already have your image render ready you skip to step #7. Make sure it’s upscaled.
  3. Join our Discord Community.
  4. Find our #midjourney-ai channel to begin generating designs.
  5. Type in “/imagine” to select the MidJourney prompt and type in what you want!
  6. Use our #prompt-templates channel for product prompts to work with. And feel free to ask the community for help!
  7. Generate as many designs as you like until you find something you love.
  8. Upscale the image.
  9. Avoid images that are overly complex. The more complex it is, the more it can cost or may even be unable to be created.
  10. Submit the Image to us!

Inspired by, but not exact 1-1s.

When translating 2D AI-generated image concepts into 3D physical products, there is always an amount of artistic interpretation needed. The end result, regardless of how skilled the artisans are, is never an exact replica of the original concept. While the AI art concepts are beautiful, they serve more as an inspired guide than a blueprint, especially when creating products. By purchasing any DreamBox Products, you are acknowledging this.

Ordering & Building Process

You build it, we box it
  • Submit your design under the right product category.
  • We manually review your design to make sure everything is in order.
  • If isn't manufacturable, we will notify you and refund your order immediately.
  • If everything is in order, our builder partner begins manufacturing.
  • We keep you up-to-date via email as your product is finished and shipped.
Please Note: Our products are designed & fabricated on-demand with different processes for each type of product. So shipping times can range from 2-6 weeks depending on model complexity + shipping destination.



If there is an issue with your order, we will accept returns after opening a ticket, provided that your return is covered by one of the reasons listed below. Please document the issue as soon as you unbox your item. After 7 days post-arrival, scratches and wear may start to show depending on handling, and we cannot cover these under our return policy for obvious reasons.

Due to our global shipping coverage network, we are unable to cover shipping charges for returns. Customers must pay for returns, except when the wrong item was shipped, or the wrong material was received.

Qualifying Reasons for Returns
  • If the product arrives broken. (Picture required)
  • The product has significant and marked blemishes.
  • The product is made of the wrong material (e.g., you ordered silver, but received copper).
  • You received the wrong design of the piece.
Non-Qualifying Reasons for Returns
  • The product design isn't what you expected: Our highly skilled artisans and modelers do their best to create pieces that closely match the AI reference images, but exact 1-1 replication is not always possible.
  • You damaged the piece but still want to return it: Please don't do this :)