See What SOFIA Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

SOFIA is the leading Virtual Assistant to allow you to build bots of varying complexities & scale with ease. The platform allows you to –
  • Initiate your Virtual Assistant creation journey using one of the 150+ templates
  • Design the conversation flow for your Virtual Assistant, using the Conversation Flow Builder
  • Easily train your bot to have conversations with end users by adding FAQs, Intents & Entities
  • Deploy the Virtual Assistant on Website, Facebook Messenger or one of the any 14+ web, social & mobile channels


Virtual Assistant deployed on more then 184 countries across the globe

7.5 +

Million Interactions across various industries

Amazing Features

Conversational Flow Builder

It helps you build a sequence of tasks using intelligent nodes. Now get the power of intelligence, tagging and decisions prebuilt in your bot


Build once and Deploy across 14+ channels including website, mobile and social media

Deep Sense Proprietary NLP Engine

Proprietary optimized machine learningbased NLP with advanced Intent & Entity Recognitions


SOFIA Virtual Assistant can be connected with any existing systems for the micro-services, CRM, portals and more if open APIs are available

Multiple Language

Helps you building Virtual Assistant that can easily operate in multiple languages

Rich Analytics

Rich Virtual Assistant analytics framework which provides information to help analyse your Virtual Assistant performance to measure customer satisfaction, view most frequently asked questions and much more

Why Should you use SOFIA Virtual Assistant

Voice Virtual Assistant

SOFIA makes it convenient for your users by allowing them to converse through voice as an Assistant on a few channels.

Virtual Assistant templates

Extensive library of 150+ Virtual Assistant Templates for accelerators across a wide range of use cases

Marketing Campaigns

Use Broadcast tools to build automated campaigns to reach out and engage your prospects.

Contextual Conversations and Intent Recognition

Build smarter Virtual Assistant using SOFIA which understands user context from the previous conversations and collects the right information as required.

Flexible Deployment Models

Flexible deployment models - Public Cloud, On Premise/Private Cloud and even Hybrid.

Bot Building & Solutions

Customizations & Virtual Assistant Building from our experts at a very competitive $ per hour


Where can it be used?

Automated Sales & Marketing

Create Virtual Assistant to offer an instant & interactive way for customers to Interact with your brands,get24x7recommendations & completetransactions

Automated Transaction Enquiries

Embrace the future of transaction reporting via conversational AI and significantly reducing support calls & queries

Conversational Commerce

Create Virtual Assistant that provide the best in new age conversational commerce by helping with product search, recommendations & payments

Comprehensive Customer Support

Create Virtual Assistant that cost effectively streamline your customer support process from automated replies to live chat agents

Intelligent Human Resources

Embrace the future of people management with a Virtual Assistant that automates hiring & on-boarding and offers instant responses to employee queries

Service Management (ITSM)

Increase service level satisfaction for your internal customers by providing a 24x7chatbot to address IT service support queries and a range of simple tasks

Example Virtual Assistant in different domains

Real Estate

Example Virtual Assistant in different domains


Business Consulting

Human Resources

Example Virtual Assistant in different domains

IT Services




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